Thursday, March 22, 2012

*Insert good title here*

I am a quick fix, fast learner kind of person. When faced with some kind of task or problem I like to work quickly and efficiently until the task is done or a solution is reached. And I usually don't like to stop until this is the case. Recovery doesn't work like that and this realization has recently left me discouraged and really wanting a break. The problem is, there really isn't too much room for breaks in eating disorder recovery. Or more so they aren't helpful or productive.(And you all know how I feel about being productive) So I continue to trudge forward.

To be quite honest, lately the recovery path has been a lot of work. That combined with recently getting into law school, a recurrence of cancer, being offered something close to my dream job and getting engaged(yes you read correctly, John proposed on Saturday and I said yes!), on top of all of the normal things that life throws at you and I have been super overwhelmed. Writing, my blog and even my self-care has semi taken a back seat.

So this is where I am at and why things have been a little quiet on my blog lately. The old me would apologize a bunch of times and write some crazy statement like "I promise to try harder or do better" but that doesn't seem necessary. So instead I will leave you with this fun little picture. It doesn't matter how slow you are moving, as long as you continue to move forward. And when things settle down and I have a little more time and energy, I will go back to writing cool insightful posts that actually have substance.


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