Friday, May 18, 2012


Don't worry, I don't plan on becoming a food blogger anytime soon. After all, most of what I "cook" isn't pretty looking. This picture represents progress for me. Big progress.

I have mentioned before how I sometimes struggle with grocery shopping and even more so how I always buy the same things. Life cereal is my go-to breakfast. Although I occasionally branch out and eat a bagel or waffles, if it's cereal it has to be Life. (They should hire me to do a commercial for them, that is pretty catchy.)

The cereal aisle in Publix scares me. In fact it usually ends in one of three ways:

(1) I avoid the cereal aisle all together
(2) I get tunnel vision and pretend that nothing else exists, grab my Life and bolt.
(3) I go up and down the aisle, while panicking and feeling overwhelmed and scrutinize over all of the choices. Then I leave empty handed.

This aisle has even been known to send me into a full panic attacks and tears. This may be hard to grasp if you don't have an eating disorder or any kind of anxiety issues, but try and bear with me.

Today I decided that I was going to do it. I would not leave Publix empty handed or with Life in my hand.(oh the irony) I would go back to the aisle 5 times if that is what it took. I wouldn't worry about choosing the "right" cereal, the price or the consequences of not possibly liking it. I would look at this as a risk worth taking for my recovery.

I did it and even survived to tell about it. I can't say it was an easy, painless process. I went back to the aisle 4 times and probably spent 15 minutes debating which one to buy. I picked up some, put them in my cart and then put them back. If the shopping cart had hands, I would have probably broken them with how hard I was gripping it. But I bought a different cereal and am super excited to test it out tomorrow for breakfast!

A little fun side note: I couldn't help but notice Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger(what doesn't kill you)" was playing in the background during this experience.

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