Monday, July 23, 2012

Here's to us

At this time 2 months ago John and I were sitting in the ER waiting room. We were there because I couldn’t get myself to eat anything and was pretty much begging him to just let me die. Earlier that day I had come close to taking matters into my own hands. I was completely hopeless and I didn’t believe anything would ever get better.

Fast forward to today, exactly 2 months later and John and I laid in bed, laughing hysterically. The full body laughter where you are gasping for air and your abs hurt afterwards. This laughing fit was followed with chocolate covered pretzels, animal crackers and chocolate pudding as well as listening to some of our favorite music and just enjoying each others company.

This past weekend we signed a lease for our very first place together and a week ago I started a new job that I enjoy very much. Recovery is still an every day battle, every moment even. I have done some of the hardest work of my life in the last month and it’s still very difficult. I have a long way to go, but on nights like tonight that doesn’t matter. Tonight I am just thankful for the progress that I have made and for these moments of joy with the most amazing man in the world. Here’s to us! 

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